Life Cover Quotes

I know what your thinking what havelife cover quotes got to do with Lurgan Celtic? Well nothing actually, it just happens I needed some life insurance and I got searching for life insurance quotes. So I thought I would share my thoughts on how I got on. I like many of you simply googled life insurance quotes and the usual suspects appeared e.g. moneysupermarket, confused and the meerkats. However none of these sites focussed solely on life cover, they all seemed to be pushing every type of insurance from home to car.

What I really wanted was a specialist site that only deals in life insurance. Fortunately my search term also brought up a site  which is a site dedicated to only one thing , life insurance. The site also had plenty of information in the different types of life cover available, as well as posts explaining the different terms or jargon in plain English.

life insurance quotes uk

The quote section was really easy to use as well and did not ask too many details, other than those needed to get a quote. They quote from the whole of the market and from brokers, so you are getting  a really good spread of companies. So all in all I was really pleased with Life Cover Search and sometimes the big boys are not always the best option.

Lurgan Celtic FC Fansite

Welcome to to Lurgan Celtic FC fan site, which is a site all about the famous Irish football club from Lurgan. The site will be about Lurgan Celtic and other topics, enjoy

Important Please Read:

Firstly let me say this site is not the official site of the club, but is simply a fan site, no more or less. The views and content on this site can in no way can be associated or attributed to those of Lurgan Celtic FC and should never be taken as such in in any way whatsoever.

A little about the history of the club. The club name is certainly in some way connected to the more famous Glasgow Celtic FC and this would seem that is a fair comment on the name used by Lurgan Celtic.  Although the two clubs operate in vastly different arenas(literally  in this case) there can be no doubt the players and supporters of the club are every bit as passionate as the more illustrious Glasgow cousins.

There seems to have been a Lurgan Celtic from 1903 onwards, although details of this time are sketchy.  The club has been disbanded and reformed on many occasions. It was not really until the 70s when the football club participated in the mid ulster league that it found success.Followed by entry into the Northern Ireland Intermediate league. Buoyed by this relative success, the club pushed for membership of the Irish League.

However during these times in Northern Ireland, nothing was straight forward and it took many years and even the threat of legal action against the IFA, before Lurgan Celtic were finally allowed to join the Irish league in 2002. Since then the club has enjoyed varying success at different levels within the Irish Leagues. So here is to the future and the continued success of Lurgan Celtic FC